Wear the original Italian century-old handcrafted tradition clogs.
Live the experience of a precious artisan community that innovates the rules of italian artisan fashion.
This is a story that has continued, generation after generation. This is a place that smells of wood and leather.
This is a dream of the future, for a new code of luxury. On your feet.

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Not just a pair of clogs. UnaLira Experience, Italian clogs.


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Not just a pair of clogs. Wear the history of an entire artisan community

Thanks to Noi di Piaggiori detti Piaggioresi committee
for sharing with us historical photos belonging to private collections.


UnaLira clogs come to life in the manufacturing district of Segromigno, which includes some small villages in the municipality of Capannori - Lucca, Tuscany – such as Segromigno in Monte, Segromigno in Piano, Camigliano and San Colombano, with a total of 6,000 people living in the district.
Segromigno in Monte was at heart of clogs production.
There is only one church, one pre-school, one bar, one restaurant, one pizzeria, one photographer....
there is one of everything except shoes and clogs' factories. Italian shoes design was born here, and it is here that our history continues with the UnaLira dream, Italian Traditional Clogs.


Experience tradition: when a dream comes true

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Not just a group of people. We are innovating tradition: a story, a place, a dream.
We are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those craftsmen who first began clog production in Segromigno. When we were children, we used to play by surfing on the piles of wood scraps outside of our grandfathers and fathers’ workshops. We rode on top of leather mountains, we sat on the side of the road waiting for trucks, intrigued by the size of their containers. We grew up with the scents of leather and glue, at the foot of a conveyor belt. Our grandparents and our parents have taught us these traditions, and we don‘t want to lose this important history of places and dreams, which should thrive once again.

Andrea Tenucci

Accurate, flawless, he turns creativity into diagrams, tables and measurements. For this man of numbers, "Everything is important until it is measurable".

Contact Andrea, andrea@unalira.eu

Letizia Bandoni

With her head in the clouds and feet on the ground, she puts together the stuff of dreams and determination results. She is our marketing representative and her motto is: “Go where the clogs carry you”.

Contact Letizia, letizia@unalira.eu

Luigi Bandoni

Our production man has conveyor belts instead of veins: he’s made of blood and mastic. He only stops working when there’s a blackout ... and sometimes not even then!!!

Contact Luigi, luigi@unalira.eu

Vanessa Puccini

Vanessa is Vanessa, that’s all you can say. She is a unique eruption of energy and passion, and the team’s PR representative. If she is absent at a meeting, you feel like something is missing. Her slogan? “Live and share”.

Contact Vanessa, vanessa@unalira.eu

Christian di Riccio

He travels the world, and not for pleasure. Give him a pair of shoes and he will put it on your feet because, as he says, "Selling is charming, but selling the best is a privilege".

Contact Christian, christian@unalira.eu

Mirko Paladini

He thinks one thing and does a hundred different ones: our leader is the perfect mixture of charisma and perseverance. He has a motto for his perpetual motion: "There’s always an idea that’s better than the one you just thought".

Contact Mirko, mirko@unalira.eu